What services do I provide you?

  • Buying and selling real estate is more than matching prospective buyers to appropriate homes. I provide services that involve total project management so that your goals to save time, money and meet deadlines are accomplished.
  • Selling and buying a home or making a real estate investment are major financial undertakings that require research of important information. I can help by being "the source of the source" for information necessary to make the best decision possible.
  • First, I listen to your needs and help you define your requirements and prioritize them. I research other home values and sales in the area, coordinate the involvement of many people such as lenders, attorneys, inspectors, contractors, and others. I monitor necessary task events that must take place prior to closing, such as loan approval status, termite, well and septic inspections, required repairs, turning on utilities, and more.
  • I communicate frequently so you are provided with transaction status updates and your questions are answered promptly.

Why use a REALTOR®?
When you're looking for help buying or selling real estate, it's important to realize that a professional REALTOR® provides an extra level of service to you through dedication to the ideals of the National Association of REALTORs®.  Those ideals include promoting high standards in real estate education, service, and ethics.  The NAR also actively champions private property rights, and works toward making home ownership affordable and accessible.

What is the REALTOR® Code of Ethics?
As members of the NAR,  we adhere to a strict code of ethics founded on the principle of providing fair and honest service to all clients and customers. REALTOR® business practices are monitored by a local board with arbitration and disciplinary systems in place to address complaints from the public or other board members. Local oversight keeps REALTORs® accountable to you, the public, the people we serve.

What is Representation and Agency?
You have a legal right to choose a REALTOR® to represent your best interests whether you are the seller or the buyer in a real estate transaction.

  • Seller representation usually occurs when the home owner signs a listing agreement with the REALTOR®. A Seller Agent has specific obligations to their client that include promoting the client's best interest in seeking acceptable transaction terms, complying with the law, including the Fair Housing Act, and confidentiality, unless disclosure is required by law.
  • Buyer representation can occur when there is agreement between the prospective buyers and the REALTOR® who is providing information and assistance in locating and viewing a home, and preparing an offer. A Buyer Agent can freely advise the buyer-client about all aspects of the property, gather important information, help with negotiations, and advocate for their client's needs and wishes.
  • Dual Agency occurs when the same REALTOR® represents both the buyer and seller in a single transaction. Dual Agency is allowed by law as long as all parties give consent. The REALTOR® must keep confidentiality for both parties, especially information that might give one party a negotiating advantage over the other.
  • Designated Agency occurs when the property being purchased is listed with a company for which both the Seller Agent and Buyer Agent work. A supervising broker in the company will oversee the transaction and each designated representative will be able to offer full service to their assigned client.